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Top 10 Most Endangered Mammals Worldwide

Top 10 Most Endangered Mammals Worldwide

Hunting for amusement, for awards, and for food is a very popular enterprise around the world. For many people, shooting an animal and watching it fall is a satisfying, not horrific, experience. Many hunt out of a desire to enjoy hurting the animal. Most hunt out of a desire to get out into the wilderness and pit their intelligence against a wily and/or dangerous animal.

It is easy and cheap to acquire a big game hunting license in the United States. But most North American game animals are very plentiful. This has caused the problem of over-hunting many species for the challenge, the thrill, and the trade goods, as a result of which, we have helped extinguish many species, and currently threaten many more. Today we are going to introduce you top 10 seriously endangered mammals.

Here we go!

10 Porpoises


Porpoises are very similar to dolphins although they have some differences from them because porpoises have smaller mouth than dolphins as well as the fins and figures are different from dolphins. Porpoises are marine mammals that they are one of largest sea creatures like killer whale and orca. Generally, they are smaller than other sea mammals with the average size of between 150 -245 centimeters (5-8 ft.) length and also the average weight of between 45 to 90 Kg. In the past, porpoise were thousands living in the sea and oceans but now unfortunately only 30 porpoises are left in the whole world.

9 Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Unlike before, polar bears are considered as seriously endangered species and threatened to extinct because of many reasons such as human hunt and global warming climate which is happened because of rising temperature in the world’s oceans that allow ice melting for long period of time as WWF declared. Polar bears hunt sea fish like seals and dead whales. They need eat a lot of to produce fat that helps polar bears to survive during the hibernation. Polar bear weight between 800 to 1300 lbs. and 6 to 9 ft. The population of polar bears in the world are decreasing every year around 22,000 to 31,000 all over the world.

8 Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants

Elephant are important in Asia because culturally they consider them holy and immortal according to Hindu methodology. Elephants live in groups in forests in Eastern Himalayas and Greater Mekong. They spend the whole day eating grass. Asian Elephants are endangered animals and their population is decreasing every year. Actually, the main two reasons that being elephants are endangered are human hunt of their valuable tusks and habitat loss that human cut down trees to make wooden products. There are 40,000 to 50,000 elephants left in the world.

7 Giant Panda

Giant Panda

Most adorable and peaceful animal which is classified of the family ursidae. The white and black panda considers as national treasure in China. Not as you may think, although pandas are bear-like of huge shape and sharp teeth however, they do not eat meat but bamboo. The main food for pandas, which are herbivorous mammals, is bamboo because it contains nutritional value hence they have to eat 12 to 38 Kg. every day to meet their energy needs. Pandas’ weight is 220 to 330 lbs. They widespread in Myanmar, North Vietnam and China in particular in Yangtze. The main habitant of giant panda is bamboo forests and mountains. Pandas are considered endangered animals because of hunting, losing their habitat and slowly increasing. According to WWF organization, only 1864 pandas are left worldwide, most of them are in China.

6 Sea Otter

Sea Otter

Not far away from sea mammals, sea otters are the second smallest marine mammal as well as they are the heaviest among weasel family. Sea otters do not have layer of blubber to help them keep warm. Instead, they have densest fur that keep them warm undersea. Sea otters eat different kinds of crustaceans and mollusks for example abalone, clams, snails, urchins, mussels and crabs. Sea otters are spread in Canada and United Stated of America along the coastal of Pacific Ocean particularly in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. Sea otters are endangered due to illegal hunting for their expensive and unique fur. After 1972, sea otters are protected in United States by MMPA, Marine Mammal Protection Act, as well as in Canada they are protected under the Species at Risk Act.

5 Iberian lynx

Iberian lynx

As a member of feline family, Iberian lynx is seriously most endangered mammal. Iberian lynxes are cat-like animals, they live in Mediterranean woodland habitat such as open forests and thickets. Iberian lynxes are heavily spotted and have short tail with a black tip. Iberian lynxes feeds on wild rabbits, ducks and small deer.  The size of Iberian lynx is 10 to 13 Kg. weight and 88 to 100 Cm. height. Unfortunately, there are very few Iberian lynxes worldwide, according to WWF, because of hunting and trading with their valuable fur. There are only 250 Iberian lynxes left in the world beside the governments should protect Iberian lynx.

4 Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Till the last century, WWF organization listed arctic fox as endangered mammal. Arctic foxes live in groups in Finland, Norway, polar arctic and Sweden. This kind of mammals coped with the very low temperature. Its length about 85cm and its tail is 31cm. Its weight is about 3.5kg. Its main food is lemming and birds. The loveliest feature in the creature is that its fur is white in winter and it turns into brown and yellow in summer. This mammal is endanger because of hunting and selling its fur for cloth manufacturer, irrespective the threating of spreading disease in its home which is another fatal problem.

3 Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Snow leopards are an endangered mammal according to WWF because of human hunting due to their valuable fur. Snow leopards’ population in the world are about 4,080 to 6,590. They live in such hard conditions; in the cold high mountains. The length is about 2-5ft. Their long tail provides balance, speed, and protection from cold. They are considered as a strong predator. This mammal is found in 12 countries such as: Nepal, China, and India. Nepal does its best to protect snow leopard that allows to increase their population by the time and all other countries should be the same as the latter.

2 Javan Rhino

Javan Rhino

This mammal is the most threatened one in the world with only 60 mammals existed in Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia. Its scientific name is Rhinoceros sondaicus. Its height is between 4.6–5.8 feet, and its weight is about 1,984 - 5,071 pounds. Its length is 10–10.5 feet, and its habitats is in the tropical forests. People in Java Park do not want this creature to be extended and hope all its species to survive and live longer. It lives between 30-4 years.

1 Jaguar


This kind of mammals is from the cat’s family and its scientific name is Panthera onca. He kills its prey in one hit. Its length is 6ft. It weighs around 113 kg. Its habitat is in the forests, and grasslands. It has a strong body and could cause danger in the area which it exists in. it lives in Brazil and Peru and they still try in Peru to be so close from its life and study its nature.

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