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How to create Coursera account and enroll any paid course for free

How to create Coursera account and enroll any paid course for free

Coursera the is most popular educational platform on the web. All courses on coursera are provided by top universities and institutions worldwide. Every course contains recorded video lectures, articles, peer-graded assignments and discussion forums. When you complete any course, you will get electronic certificate that you can share anywhere in addition to use it in your CV or your Linkedin profile.

The courses that are provided by Coursera are divided into categories such as, Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Life Sciences, Math and Logic, Personal Development, Physical Science and Engineering, Social Sciences and Language Learning.

How to make an account on Coursera?

Creating an account on Coursera is completely free, just follow the following steps:

1. Go to https://www.coursera.org/

2. Click on Sign up button on the top right of the web page. You can sign up using your facebook’s information or you can use email sign up where you have to provide your name, email and your password.

3. After you sign up completely, you will receive verification email where you can check it in your inbox folder or sometimes your SPAM folder (Gmail account) or JUNK folder (Hotmail). After verifying your account, you will get “Successful Verification” message as the picture below:

4. Now you need to search for your favorite course by using search box in the very top of the main page. After you find your course, just enroll the course. To do so, there are many ways to enroll any course.

A) You can get unlimited access to any course by get your paid subscription.

B) You can join any course for free by using “Audit Mode” that enable you get access to the course but unfortunately, you cannot do your peer-graded assignments or quizzes or earn your certificate.

C) You can get full access to any course by apply to “Financial Aid” which you can find it below enrollment button. Click on “Learn more and Apply” >> then click on “continue to the application” >> as the pictures below:

After that, you need do two things:

* Verify your ID: you can do that by upload your official document such as your passport then you need to upload colored photo or take a shot from your PC’s camera.

* Write your background information: such as educational background, your annual income (US dollars), employment status, how much can you afford to pay (either per month or per course), why are you applying for financial aid? (You have to write minimum 150 words) and how will taking this course help you achieve your career goals? (You have to write minimum 150 words).

After submitting your application, you have to wait 15 days till your application is approved. You can check your application status from “update” notification menu: https://www.coursera.org/notifications

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