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Top 10 countries to work as a school teacher

Top 10 countries to work as a school teacher

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Official data released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranked the top ten countries in the world to serve as school teachers and the 10 worst countries to show that all Arab countries are absent from the two lists. The teacher in the Arab world is neither among the best nor among the worst in the world. , But is in an intermediate state.
According to the figures seen by Al-Arabiya.net, some of them published by Western media, the best country in the world for teachers is Luxembourg. The salary of the teacher in primary school who does not have any previous experience or additional skills starts at $ 79,000 per year $ 6583 per month), but his peak salary is $ 137,000 per year ($ 11,400 per month).

But the data published by the International Organization show a wide disparity in salaries and pensions and financial access to teachers in each country of the world.
The worst country in the world for teachers is the Czech Republic, where the teacher's salary comes after tens of years of teaching and continuing experience to $ 18,000 a year ($ 1,500 per month). The teacher's salary is highest and at best 20,000 per year ($ 1666 per month). This salary is gross before tax is deducted from it, which ultimately means that the teachers in Chek are paid very low salaries and humbleness.
The list of the top ten countries includes # Luxembourg, which ranks first, Switzerland, which is second on the list and the salaries of school teachers up to the highest 92 thousand dollars a year (7666 dollars per month), followed by third place Germany, where the teacher receives 75 thousand dollars (6250 dollars per month), then in fourth place South Korea, where the teacher's salary to 75 thousand dollars a year or slightly less.
The United States ranks fifth in the world's best list for school teachers. The American teacher's salary starts at $ 44,000 a year and reaches a high of 67,000 per year ($ 3,666 to $ 5,500 per month).
Austria is the sixth largest country in the world, with a teacher's salary of 66,000 dollars per year, followed by the Netherlands with a maximum salary of 66,000, Canada with a salary of 65,000 teachers and Ireland with 65 salaries . And finally Japan occupies the 10th place in the world where the teacher's salary reaches a maximum of US $ 62,000 per year.
These figures show that the list of the top ten countries for teachers includes six European countries and only four countries outside the European Union, while no Arab countries appear on the list of the best countries, but all Arab countries are also absent from the list of countries worst for teachers.

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